Filmgarden is a Boutique Content Studio producing high quality, on-trend assets for leading brands worldwide.


Say adios to average, and au revoir to bland — we value quality over quantity, and it’s our mission to help you bring out the best of your brand.


We create premium, strategic content designed to enhance and highlight your visual identity. By combining our expert skill set with effective strategies, we conceive clever, personality-driven images that are destined to make a lasting impact.

It's believed that our brains can process an image within as little as 0.13 seconds. Whether we like it or not, it is basic human survival instinct to project and dissect an image as soon as physically possible. Knowing just this fact alone, we can appreciate that, just like Tinder, it is seriously fundamental to create an amazing first impression!

In an era where even Grandma is effortlessly navigating social media, we understand that a powerful identity is paramount in order to engage customers and build + maintain a reputable brand.


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Content Creation
Visual Strategy
Campaign Materials


Art Direction + Styling
GIF + Stop Motion
Marketing Collateral


Digital Art
Hand Lettering


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From Estee Lauder to Swarovski, we've had the pleasure of producing specialised social, digital and advertising content for some of the best names in the Biz.



Filmgarden is an Adobe® Premium Stock Contributor

We've partnered with Adobe to give you the best of Filmgarden – instantly. Whether you need flexible, ready-to-go website imagery, article content and more, we've got you and your Business covered.