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At Filmgarden, we create strategic content designed to enhance & highlight your visual identity.

Believe it or not, it's said that our brains can process an image within 0.13 seconds. Knowing just this fact alone, we understand that it is seriously fundamental that we make an amazing first impression. Our physiology thrives on colour and a clear visual story - it is basic human survival to project and dissect an image as soon as physically possible.

Science or magic, it's for these reasons that we stand firmly in the belief that a strong visual presence is fundamental for today's generation of Businesses. In an age where we are all online, a powerful identity is paramount to engaging your customers. We combine our meticulous skills with effective strategies to conceive action-inciting images that make a lasting impact.  

Our Values
Specialising in content for ethical brands, we merge our core values where it matters most - our future. We strongly believe that in order to make a difference, we need to BE the difference. We're extremely proud to work with likeminded clients from across all corners of the globe and deliver results that speak right to the heart and ethics of your brand. 

About the Owner / Creative Director 
Tegan Ptasznyk is an Australian Photographer, Designer, and Model, renowned for her ability to combine clean compositions with creativity, colour, and unique perspectives. Her bodies of work engage and captivate her audiences by incorporating her passion and personality into all that she creates. 



Filmgarden is An Adobe® Premium Stock Contributor

"The Premium Collection represents a small group of artists and agencies who have been hand-selected for their personal style and quality of their work. Each image in the Premium collection has been carefully selected by our team of expert curators to ensure its commercial, technical and artistic quality." – Adobe

We've Partnered with Adobe to give you the best of Filmgarden at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need flexible, ready-to-go website imagery, article content and more, we've got you and your Business covered. Click here to view our current range of selected images available for licensing.



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